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Bag Dumping Station

Gaofu bag dumping station is applied Unpacking, placing, screening and unloading of small bag materials in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and metallurgical industries

Material: Flour, other food and chemical powder

Product Features:

1.Easy to clean:This bag dump station adopts the adjustable gate design and automatic discharge of foreign objects. It is easy to clean, and meets GMP standard design. One-click multi-row back-flushing filter element removal is realized with this bag dump station.

2.Environmental protection:The filter element and silo have a seamless gap, effectively avoiding the overflow of fine dust and without causing environmental pollution and material waste.The feeding platform is in a negative pressure state, so it is dust-free and environmentally friendly, and the materials in the feeding process are not lost.

3.Safe Production:The bag dumping station adopts the physically safe anti-shedding device and mechanical manufacturing design to ensure safe production without worry.

4.The bulk bag dump station can be connected to positive pressure or negative pressure to match the production line.

Product Description:

When you need to unpack the bag material and pour it into the next process, just untie the bag manually and put it into the system. The material dust produced during feeding is collected by the collector. Through the vibrating screen, the material can intercept the bulk material and foreign body to ensure that the finished product (qualified material) meets the requirements of entering the next process.

bag dumping station 4

Product Parameters:

Model Screen surface Motor Force(kN)
Layer Sieving area Mesh structure Power(kW) Speed(r.p.m)
GF-800 1 0.42 Woven mesh 2*0.18 1460 2.5*2
GF-1000 1 0.64 Woven mesh 2*0.25 1460 5*2

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