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Bucket Elevator

Food industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Chemical industry, Other industries, etc

Rubber powder, magnetic material, rubber fertilizer, calcium powder (light calcium, heavy calcium), zinc powder, active calcium, hawthorn powder, iron oxide black, iron oxide red, powder, quartz powder, etc

Product Features:

bucket elevator 2

1. Good sealing and less environmental pollution;
2. Convenient operation and maintenance, with few wearing parts;
3. Low cost of use, due to energy saving and less maintenance, the cost of use is extremely low;
4. Reliable operation, advanced design principles to ensure the reliability of the whole machine operation;
5. The structure has good rigidity and high precision. The casing is folded and middle beaded, and then welded, with good rigidity and beautiful appearance;
6. The mechanical size is small, compared with other various hoists of the same lifting amount, the mechanical size of this hoist is smaller;
7. Large conveying capacity, this series of hoists have various specifications from NE15 to NE800. The lifting range is 15~800m3/h;
8. Convenient operation, less maintenance and less wearing parts. The conveyor chain is a sleeve roller chain with inductive gravity discharge, which is used for the vertical lifting of various powders and lumps.;

Product Description:

The NE Bucket Elevator consists of moving parts rewinding on the upper driving sprocket and the lower reversing sprocket. Under the action of the driving device, the driving sprocket drives the traction member and the hopper to make a rotary circulation movement, and the material is fed from the lower part. Feed into each hopper, when the material is lifted to the upper sprocket, it will be discharged from the discharge port under the action of gravity and centrifugal force

Product Parameters:

Model Max. Lifting height(m) Max.lifting volume(m³/h) Pitch(mm) Motor power(kW)
NE-15 40 16 101.66 1.5-4
NE-30 59 31 152.4 2.2-7.5
NE-50 62 60 152.4 3-15
NE-100 58 110 200 7.5-30
NE-150 65 170 200 11-37
NE-200 73 220 250 18.5-75
NE-300 61 320 250 22-75

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