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Dewatering Screen

Tailings Drying, Washed Sand, Slime Dewatering, Fine Sand Recycling Machine, Soil Repair, Mud Treatment, Sewage Treatment, etc.

Iron tailings, gold tailings, copper tailings, vanadium tailings, lead-zinc tailings, graphite tailings

Quartz sand, zircon sand, glass sand, building sand, sand casting, building materials sand, potash feldspar dehydration

Urban sewage, industrial sewage, river sludge

Slime dewatering, soil repair

Product Features:

1. Waterproof Motor:Waterproof motors with a proper operating frequency and double motor-driven self-synchronization technology can achieve efficient dewatering production.

2.Low Cost Investment:Compared with the traditional process, Gaofu company’s new-type dry-line dewatering process has the advantages of low investment, simple process and small area which is convenient for the system process layout.

3.Continuous Dewatering Operation:Professional design allows for continuous24-hour operation in terms of the frequency, amplitude, low-power source for a variety of dewatering needs.

4.Large Capacity:With V-screen design, -5゜ screen surface slope dewatering, the dewatering screen with low water, high efficiency, large capacity per unit area.

5.Long Service Lifetime:The dewatering screen features high wear-resistant screen plates with a long lifetime, modular assembly design, easy replacement, and low cost savings. Also screen mesh sizes can be selected according to requirements.

6.High Strength & Durable Structure:Rigid-welded steel components constitute the machine body with no internal stress, high strength, and light and durable structure after assembly.

Product Description:

Dewatering screen is composed of mainly the screen box, exciter, support system and motor. Two counter-rotating vibration motors produce linear motion at an angle to the screen surface. The centrifugal force generated by the two eccentric masses is superposed along the vibration direction and reversely counteracted, thereby forming a single vibration force along the vibration direction and making the screen box reciprocating linear motion.

Dewatering screen, also known as high-frequency dewatering screen, changes the water surface tension of pulp through the exciting force. Thee washed sand is fed to the steep, downwardly inclined surface of the sand dewatering screen, so as to achieve rapid drainage. The dewatering screen is mainly used for dewatering tailings in the mineral processing industry, coal slurry dehydration of coal preparation plant, washed quartz sand dewatering and ceramic slurry dehydration, and wet and dry classification, dehydration, removal and mud removal of medium and fine granular materials in industrial sectors such as electric power, sugar making and salt making.


Product Parameters:

Model Material Granularity(mm) Power(kW) Motor Model Angle(°) Amplitude(mm)
VD-1036 >0.15 1.8*2 YZO-25-6 0-3 4-6
VD-1236 >0.15 2.2*2 YZO-30-6 0-3 4-6
VD-1536 >0.15 3.0*2 YZO-40-6 0-3 4-6
VD-1836 >0.15 3.7*2 YZO-50-6 0-3 4-6
VD-1845 >0.15 7.5*2 YE2 160M-6 0-3 6-8
VD-2138 >0.15 7.5*2 YE2 160M-6 0-3 6-8
VD-2438 >0.15 11*2 YE2 160L-6 0-3 6-8
VD-2445 >0.15 11*2 YE2 160L-6 0-3 6-8

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