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Gaofu Company easily solves the problem of artificial graphite screening


Artificial graphite is a material obtained through organic carbonization and graphitization high temperature treatment. It is an important strategic resource indispensable for the development of modern industry and military industry. It is widely used in new energy, nuclear power, metallurgy, petrochemical, high-energy physics, aerospace, electronics and other fields. In the production process of artificial graphite, it is very important to screen it, but due to some characteristics of artificial graphite itself, it will be more difficult to screen. Gaofu provides customers with artificial graphite screening solutions!

Artificial graphite macro and micro structure diagram

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Classic Case
Screening material: artificial graphite
Screening purpose: removal of impurities

Screening mesh: 350 mesh
Processing capacity: 200-550kg/h

Client feedback
1. Good equipment performance. After using the Gaofu ultrasonic vibrating screen, the equipment failure rate is significantly reduced, ensuring the stability of product quality;

2. The production efficiency has been significantly improved. The output of difficult-to-screen materials is increased to 200kg/h, and the output of easy-to-screen materials is increased to 550kg/h.

Recommended equipment: ultrasonic vibrating screen

graphite structure diagram

Gaofu Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen focuses on solving the screening problems of materials with strong adsorption, strong viscosity, high static electricity, and ultrafine powder that is easy to clump. The screening accuracy can be increased to more than 80%, and the output can be increased by 2 to 5 times. It is especially suitable for the screening process of ultra-fine powder in industries such as lithium battery positive and negative electrode materials and lithium battery upstream raw materials.

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