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GF2PGC Two Roller Coarse Crusher

Application: circulating fluidized bed boiler, pulverized coal boiler, gasifier,

Materials: lump coal, coal gangue, lignite, bituminous coal, peat, etc.

Product Features:

1. High Output
Relative roller differential speed operation with mutual scraping action, because of its higher running speed, and also
has role of “former pulling back pressure, former blowing back inhaling”, the crusher has no requirement of moisture
and mud content in any time, will not affect the crushing effect. Material is always all into the whole out to ensure overfill force.

2. Safe & Intelligent Reliability
GF2PGC Two roller coarse crusher is security smart and reliable: the machine adopts the double protection of the electrical and mechanical,
cabinet is equipped with PLC programmable controller, which has the interlock protection function, can achieve local control and centralized
control room manual / automatic control. It is a ideal crusher for the heating and powering.

3. Uniform Feeding & Long Service Life
Vibration feeding, uniform distribution: choosing our company’s new type anti-adhesion and anti-blocking vibration uniform feeder, reduce the tooth
plate eccentric wear, prolong the life of the tooth plate

Working Principle:

This machine is composed by frame, gear roller, transmission device and gear roller gap adjustment device and so on. Adopting alternating current motor
to drive the coarse broken tooth roller on the both sides by the strong triangular belt respectively, so that the coarse broken tooth roller rotates in opposite
directions. After the material enters the crushing chamber from the inlet, the two coarse roller is broken by a variety of different combinations broken which
are rotated at a high speed, the partical size can be reach to around 6mm after fine broken, the size of particle size can be adjusted by fine teeth roller gap to complete.


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