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GF2PGX Two Roller Fine Crusher

Application:self-supplied power station, coal chemical industry, coal water slurry boiler

Product Features:

1. The crushing rate is low and the particle size is good. The combined crushing is used to crush the material instantly and hard, with low re-breaking and uniform granulation.

2. Vibration coal feed, uniform distribution, reduce the eccentric wear of the tooth plate, and extend the life of the tooth plate.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving, high efficiency, feeding material ≤50mm, output material adjustable between 3-50mm, a crushing ratio of up to 50.

4. When wood blocks and other non-magnetic alloys or rubber and other flexible objects enter the crusher and cannot be crushed, the two toothed rollers can automatically retract in
parallel to give way to the above materials.

gf2pgx two roller fine  crusher 2

gf2pgx two roller fine  crusher 3


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