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GF4PG Four Teeth Roller Crusher

Thermal power plants, thermal companies, coal fields, etc.

Coal, coal gangue, lignite, anthracite, peat, sinter, coke, slag, shale, limestone, etc.

Product Features:

1. High Yield Screening
Relative roller differential speed operation with mutual scraping action, because of its higher running speed, and also has role of “former pulling back pressure, former blowing back inhaling”, the crusher has no requirement of moisture and mud content in any time, will not affect the crushing effect. Material is always all into the whole out to ensure overfill force.

2.Low Crushing Rate, Fine Grain Size
Low crushing rate, fine grain size: The coal crusher adopts combined crushing but not impact and strike breaking. It does not produce secondary crushing phenomenon, so the crushing rate is very low. Two teeth rollers’ center distance will not change once fixed, the materials are hard crushed instantly, and almost not repeatedly broken, to ensure uniform granules.

3.Low Investment Costs
Gaofu company is a coal crusher manufacturer dedicated to reducing customer’s costs. Screen and crush together need a small investment: two teeth rollers’ relative rotations form a rotary space lattice sieve. To achieve the double effect of crushing and screening, one machine can complete the crushing and screening work. So, you don’t need to match the screening equipment, simplifying the whole system and reducing related total investment cost.

4.Environmental Protection & Energy Saving
If the input size≤350mm, the outlet between 3-50 mm can be freely adjusted. A crushing ratio can reach 50.GF crusher machine energy consumption has a function of reserving and releasing kinetic energy.
The coal crusher features less than 0.03mm amplitude, below 70 decibels noise, micro positive pressure, and all enclosed structure forms, completely eliminating the work-site “three evils” phenomenon, prevent workers silicosis, it is truly environmentally friendly products. Gaofu company is a coal crusher manufacturer protecting the environment.

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Product Description:

GF4PG four teeth roller crusher is composed by teeth roller with high speed and strength to do the opposite running. The material free fall as meet the gap of teeth roller, the material bigger than two teeth roller gap will be instantly broken and free fall, to achieve the crushing purpose, meet the size requirements. Relative roller with differential operation can cleaning each slot of the material, so as to prevent sticking, blocking phenomenon and make the material without staying on the surface to avoid a repeat broken, avoid over – crushed.

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Product Parameters:

Model Capacity(t/h) Motor model Power(KW) Dimensions


GF4PG-90 70-100 Y2-250M-6 37×2=74 2100×2450×2400 16100
GF4PG-120 100-130 Y2-280S-6 45×2=90 2100×2750×2400 18500
GF4PG–150 140-160 Y2-280M-6 55×2=110 2100×3000×2800 21000
GF4PG-180 160-190 Y2-315S-6 75×2=150 2500×3000×2800 25000
GF4PG-200 180-220 Y2-315S-6 75×2=150 2500×3100×2800 26500
GF4PG-250 220-260 Y2-315M-6 90×2=180 2500×3330×2800 28100
GF4PG-300 260-310 Y2-315L1-6 110×2=220 2500×3730×2800 31200
GF4PG-350 300-360 Y2-315L2-6 132×2=264 2500×3860×2800 32300
GF4PG-400 350-410 Y2-315L2-6 132×2=264 2500×4160×2800 36500
GF4PG-450 420-460 Y2-355S-6 160×2=320 2500×4360×2800 40700

Customer Cooperation:

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