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Granule Sifting Machine

Gaofu granule sifting machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, biological industries and food,such as freeze-dried foods, bread crumbs, coconut granules, dripping pills, water pill, filling capsules, etc

Product Features:

1. Higher Screening Precision: Cooperating with feeder, the material evenly enter into the screening machine to make the material screening precision higher.
2. Custom Special Screen Mesh: According to the particularity of each material, to develop special screen to avoid clog, increase screening output.;
3. Unique Design: Unique design for amplitude and frequency, to ensure the dry pellets without broken, wet pellet without deform, and granule powder can be divided more thoroughly;
4. Suitable For Assembly Line Production: Low energy consumption, high output, easy operation, easy to clean, fully enclosed structure, automatic discharging, suitable for assembly line production.;

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Product Description:

Granule sifting machine is Gaofu company’s empirical wisdom crystallization which engaged in medical screening equipment design and manufacturing, the machine body produce approximate circular motion driven by the motor shaft rotation traction, granule pill material rolling on the sieve surface, the size smaller than the mesh will pass, bigger than the mesh directly discharged. the whole process of material force balanced and smooth rolling, almost no damage, even wet sieving pill can also play the same effect.

Product Parameters:

Model Size(mm) Input granularity(mm) Angle(°) Layer(s) Power(kw)
GFP-616 670*1190 0.25-15 0-7 1-8 2*0.25
GFP-620 670*1840 0.25-15 0-7 1-8 2*0.4
GFP-820 800*1835 0.25-15 0-7 1-8 2*0.75

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