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Impact Test Sieve

Chemical industry, Metallurgy and mining industry

Metal, metallurgy powder: iron powder, aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, alloy powder, electrode powder, electrolytic copper powder, refractory material, steel shot, alumina, activated carbon etc.

Product Features:

1.It can be large frequency and high-intensity repeated use.
2.It is often used as testing instruments in laboratories.
3.Impact vibrating sieve is mainly composed of three parts: base, screen and transmission.
4.Impact vibrating sieve can be equipped with a variety of fixtures which is flexible and strong, can be shut down automatically.

Customer Cooperation:

Impact test sieve adopts Y series three-phase asynchronous motor. The power drive the worm gear and the worm variable speed institutions movement through the coupling transmission, so that the rotating vertical shaft and the camshaft rotate respectively, causing the horizontal circular movement of the sieve and driving the jack to lift and push the slap of the slamming hammer simultaneously. Material produces a circle motion on the screen surface by force, while the striking force of the hammer hit produce jump, tumbling. Finally, the screening process can be completed according to the sieve hole size, to achieve the inspection and classification purpose.

Product Parameters:

Name Unit Value
Shaking times/m 290±5
Impact numbers times/m 110±4
Impact height mm 38±6
Reciprocating stroke mm 25
Sieve diameter mm Φ200 Φ75 Φ100
Layer layer 5
Motor power kW 370
Motor speed mm 1400
Motor voltage v 380
Overall dimension mm 350(L)×450(W)×785(H)
Total weight kg 190


The impact test sieve can sieve a variety of characteristic material, and is suitable for the general abrasive particle size composition inspection and super-hard material production grading and particle size testing. It is also widely used in material testing and screening for geology, metallurgy, abrasive, powder, chemicals, construction cement, pharmaceutical, defense and other departments of scientific research, production and laboratories, especially for diamond, micro powder and super-hard material production grading process

Customer Cooperation:

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