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In-Line Sieve


DZ safety sieve can be used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry

Flour, soy protein, milk powder, sugar, amino acids, food additives, condiments, yeast, and also all powder materials.
Chinese medicine granules, Chinese medicine powder, pharmaceutical intermediates, Chinese herbal medicine, plant extracts, biological agents, etc.
Metals, metallurgical powder, etc.

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Product Features:

1. Inlet and outlet design in the same vertical direction, finished product rapid through the mesh, reducing materials stay time on the screen surface, a substantial increase in screening output.;
2. The motor is designed on the outside of the equipment, maximize the reduction of equipment height, and make space efficient use. The equipment is easy to operate and has no dead ends for cleaning.;
3. Negative pressure environment, dust-free environmental protection straight sieve can be used with the vacuum feeder directly, screening and conveying dust-free operation;
4. Perfect coordinated with packaging machine, straight sieve’s nickname is security guard, the materials directly into the packaging machine for packaging after screening, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency;
5. DZ safety sieve can be directly used in the pipeline to remove foreign matter and impurities, without manual operation, to avoid secondary pollution of materials.

Product Description:

DZ safety sieve use high-frequency vibration motor as the excitation source, the materials do three-dimensional rotary motion on the screen surface after into the system, flour and agglomeration fully dispersed, rapid through mesh directly to the lower silo. Foreign matter and impurities are separated and discharged to the slag discharge port, the machine play the role of “safety officer” on the production line.

Product Parameters:

Model Dia.(mm) Power(kw) Speed(r/min) Dimensions(mm)
DZ-600 Φ580 0.18 1450 1000×600×550
DZ-800 Φ780 0.25 1100×800×600
DZ-1000 Φ960 0.55 1280×1000×700
DZ-1200 Φ1160 0.75 1550×1200×750
DZ-1500 Φ1460 1.50 1850×1500×900

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