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Rotary Vibrating Screen

S49-A Rotary Vibrating Screen is widely applied in food Industry、Pharmaceutical Industry、Meatllurgy and Mining Industry

Flour, starch, rice flour, milk powder, green tea powder, additives, condiments, yeast liquor, seriflux, protein liquid, soy milk, etc.

Chinese medicine granules, Chinese medicine powder, pharmaceutical intermediates, Chinese Herbal Medicine, plant extracts, biological agents

Metal, metallurgy powder: iron powder, aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, alloy powder, electrolytic copper powder, refractory material, steel shot, alumina, etc.

Product Features:

1. Long screen life:The mesh frame design, the rubber ball does not directly hit the subnet, the screen mesh is used for a long time, and the mesh change is fast, only 3-5 minutes.
2. save human effort:Two people can complete the screen change
3. Any particle, powder, mucus can be screened within a certain range.
4. The minimum sieving is 1000 mesh or 0.002mm, and the minimum filtering is 2 microns.
5. Graded screening, one to five layers of screens can be screened, and two to six levels of sorting or filtering can be carried out at the same time.
6. High efficiency, exquisite and durable design, easy to change the screen, simple to operate and easy to clean.
7. The rotary vibrating screen automatically discharges impurities and coarse materials, allowing continuous operation.

Working Principle:

S49-A series rotary vibrating screen sifter is designed for accurate grading or sizing of wet and dry materials up to five fractions in one operation, low noise, high efficiency, need only 3-5 minutes to rapidly replace the screen, all closed structure. Used to sieve guanule, powder and liquid.

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Product Parameters:

Model Effective diameter for sieving (mm) Effective sieving area(m2)


Screen mesh size


Layer Powder(KW)
Vibration motor Common motor
S49-600 Φ540 0.23 2-500 mesh 1-4 0.25 0.75
S49-800 Φ760 0.42 2-500 mesh 1-4 0.55 1.1
S49-1000 Φ930 0.64 2-500 mesh 1-4 1.1 1.5
S49-1200 Φ1130 0.95 2-500 mesh 1-4 1.1 1.5
S49-1500 Φ1430 1.61 2-500 mesh 1-4 1.5 2.2
S49-1800 Φ1730 2.35 2-500 mesh 1-3 3.0 3.0
S49-2000 Φ1920 2.9 2-500 mesh 1-3 3.0 3.0

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