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Tumbler Screening Machine

Gaofu Tumbler screening machine is applied in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and chemical industry. These industries involve following materials such as condiments, pepper, gluconate, food additives, granule pills, pellets, metal and metallurgical powder, etc.

Product Features:

1. The tumbler screening machine has high efficiency, compact structure and durable design, and any powder and irregular shaped particles can be screened;
2. The screen cleaning device is installed on the screen surface to solve the clogging problem;
3. The mesh hole of the screen is not blocked; the powder is not flying and can be screened to 500 meshes or 0.028mm;
4. Impurities and coarse materials are automatically discharged and the tumbler screen can operate continuously;
5. With its unique grid design, the tumbler screen can be used for a long time. It only takes 3-5 minutes to change the screen frame;

Product Description:

Tumbler screen is an imitated hand screening with low-frequency rotary vibrating screen, its principle is: instantaneous movement of the radial displacement and the displacement of the axis of the circular motion of the synthesis (spiral motion), you can adjust the excitation of the eccentricity Produced

Non-linear three-dimensional movement, the material also produces the same approximate manual operation, so as to achieve the screening purpose, it can be got more ideal screening results if match with the screening accessories

Suitable for the material of round shape, cylindrical, flaky, and even easy blocked regular shape and precision screening.

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Product Parameters:

Model Dia.(mm) Area(㎡) Angle(°) Layer(s) Power(kw)
GFBD-600 Φ600 0.21 0-10 1-5 0.75
GFBD-1000 Φ1000 0.66 0-10 1-5 1.1
GFBD-1200 Φ1200 0.98 0-10 1-5 2.2
GFBD-1600 Φ1600 1.81 0-10 1-5 4
GFBD-2000 Φ2000 2.80 0-10 1-5 5.5
GFBD-2400 Φ2400 4.15 0-10 1-4 5.5
GFBD-2600 Φ2600 5.31 0-10 1-4 5.5

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