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Vacuum Feeder

Medicine, Food, Chemicals, Metallurgy, Building materials and other industries.

Variety of powder materials

Product Features:

ZKS series vacuum feeder is a kind of gas conveyor machine, it conveying powder material through the vacuum gas . It is suitable for many industries such as medicine, foodstuff, chemical industry, metallurgy and building material, aiming at the confinement transportation of various powder materials, improving the cleanliness of materials, which can meet the diversified transportation needs of different customers.
1) Put an end to dust pollution and improve the working environment;
2) Reduce the pollution of the environment and personnel on materials and improve the cleanliness;
3) Small space, to complete the small space of powder transportation, the work space beautiful, especially from the length of the distance restrictions;
4) Reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency;
5) The whole conveying process is carried out in a closed system without any powder leakage;
6) The equipment is not easy to make the material accumulation gap or dead ends, the surface easy visual inspection.

Product Description:

ZKS vacuum feeder unit is using whirlpool air pump extracting air. The inlet of absorption material tap and whole system is made to be in vacuum state. The powder grains of material are absorbed into the material tap with ambient air and formed to be the air flowing with material. Passing the absorption material tube, they arrive to the hopper. The air and materials are separated in it. The separated materials are sent to the receiving material device. The control center controls the “on/off” state of pneumatic triple valve for feeding or discharging the materials.

In the vacuum feeder unit, the compressed air opposite blowing device is fitted. When discharging the materials every time, the compressed air pulse oppositely blows the filter. The powder attached on the surface of filter is blown off for ensuring normal absorbing material.

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Product Parameters:

Model Power(kW) Capacity(kg/h)
ZKS-1 1.5 400
ZKS-2 2.2 600
ZKS-3 3 1200
ZKS-4 5.5 2500
ZKS-6 5.5 3200
ZKS-7 7.5 6000
ZKS-10-6 7.5 6000

(When the conveying distance is 10 meters)

ZKS-20-5 11 5000

(When the conveying distance is 20 meters)

Customer Cooperation:

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