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Vibrating Feeder

Mine industry, metallurgical industry, coal industry, thermal power industry, fire industry, glass industry, building materials industry, light industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, grain industry, etc.

Coal, ore, granule, powder, etc.

Product Features:

1, Small volume, light weight, simple structure, convenient installation, easy maintenance, low cost.
2, With the self synchronization principle of a special vibration motor, the work is stable, the starting is rapid, and the parking is balanced.
3, Material jumps forward continuously according to the parabolic trajectory, so the feed chute has low wear.
4, Because of changing, opening or closing material flow instantaneously, the feeding amount is more accurate.

Product Description:

The feeding process of the vibrating feeder is realized by using a special vibrating motor to drive the feed tank and make periodic linear reciprocating vibration in the inclined direction. When the vertical component of the acceleration of the feed tank vibration is greater than the acceleration of gravity, the material in the tank will be thrown up to jump forward according to the parabolic trajectory. The throwing and falling movements are completed in 1/50 seconds. Due to the continuous excitation of the vibration motor, the feed tank moves continuously, and the material in the tank moves forward continuously , so as to achieve the purpose of feeding.

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vibrating feeder 5

Product Parameters:

Model Feeding particel size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kW)
ZG-25 60 25 YZO-2.5-4 0.18*2
ZG-30 80 30 YZO-5-4 0.25*2
ZG-50 90 50 YZO-5-4 0.25*2
ZG-100 105 100 YZO-8-4 0.40*2
ZG-200 115 200 YZO-17-4 0.75*2
ZG-400 140 400 YZO-20-4 1.10*2
ZG-750 190 750 YZO-30-4 1.50*2

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