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ZSG Heavy Vibrating Screen

This heavy vibrating screen is usually used in mining industry, electric power industry, building materials industry. The materials contain mine, coal, electric power, metallurgical, building material, refractory

Product Features:

1. Various Screen Mesh Type:There are many types of the screen mesh surface, such as metal woven, rods, punching and so on. The screen mesh surface has single layer structure, also can muti-layer layout, so as to meet different screening requirement;
2. Less Energy Consumption:Structure simple and operation easy, beautiful appearance, the rigidity of the whole machine and the intensity of each part are big, relative energy consumption is low and the screening efficiency is high;
3. Small Volume:Relative volume small, light weight, the unit equipment volume and weight processing power is big which convenient for the system process layout;
4. Operation & Maintenance Easy:The installation and debugging is convenient, the operation is stable and reliable, operation and maintenance is simple.;

Product Description:

The working principle of ZSG heavy vibrating screen is: after the machine starting, a symmetrical arrangement of two vibration motor or excitation device with same model and specifications for synchronous reverse operation, the vibration force through the vibration body – motor or exciter base passed to the whole vibration body – screen box, makes the screen box drives the vibration screen surface to do cyclical movement, so that the material on the surface of the screen to jump sports with screen box, meanwhile, the material smaller than the screen mesh hole will fall to next layer through, becoming the undersize material, the material bigger than the screen mesh hole will be discharged by outlet after continuous jumping movement, eventually completed screening operation.

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Product Parameters:

Technical parameters of vibration motor type

Model Input size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor model Power(KW) Weight(KG)
ZSG918 ≤120 50~100 YZO-20-6 1.5X2 1710
ZSG0924 50~100 YZO-20-6 1.5X2 1900
ZSG1020 ≤150 50~100 YZO-20-6 1.5X2 2070
ZSG1030 50~100 YZO-25-6 1.8X2 2630
ZSG1224 80~200 YZO-30-6 2.2X2 2300
ZSG1230 80~200 YZO-40-6 3.0X2 2863
ZSG1530 120~300 YZO-50-6 3.7X2 3690

Technical parameters of exciter type

Model Area(m2 Input size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Amplitude(mm) Exciter model Power(kw)
ZSG1536 5.4 <200 50-360 8-12 JZ-75-6 2×4.0
ZSG1540 6 50-400 JZ-75-6 2×4.0
ZSG1836 6.48 60-460 JZ-100-6 2×5.5
ZSG1848 8.64 80-500 JZ-130-6 2×5.5
ZSG2040 8 80-560 JZ-130-6 2×5.5
ZSG2050 10 90-600 JZ-160-6 2×7.5
2ZSG1536 5.4 50-360 JZ-160-6 2×5.5
2ZSG1540 6 50-400 JZ-100-6 2×5.5
2ZSG1836 6.48 60-460 JZ-130-6 2×5.5
2ZSG1848 8.64 80-500 JZ-180-6 2×7.5
2ZSG2040 8 80-560 JZ-180-6 2×7.5
2ZSG2050 10 90-600 JZ-200-6 2×7.5

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